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How to capture the best drone photos of your property

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

There are many good reasons to capture aerial images of your property, whether it's to promote your business, sell your house or document construction.

While the obvious answer might to to hire a Professional Drone Pilot, there are a few simple thing to consider in order to get the best results..


Timing is everything in photography and videography. What time of day does the building get the most light? A well lit property will be brighter and sharper than one that is not.


Like people, properties have their good and bad sides too! Think if there are any features you'd like to show off in particular or anything you'd rather not.. like those overflowing Biffa bins that should've been emptied last week (I have no beef with Biffa, just an example!).


Unfortunately, they don't do water proof drones yet, but everything looks better in sunshine anyway. But even on the sunniest days, it can blow a gale. The best method is to book a date and just keep tabs on the weather. I find that Met Office tends to be the most accurate at predicting the weather.


Always always always consider any safety concerns, ie. Are there any flight restrictions where you are? Are there any other buildings, roads or people nearby? If the answer is yes to any of the above, make sure you know the rules and are confident in your skills.

Once you've given the four things above some thought, you're ready to roll! If you're considering hiring a professional Drone Operator or would just like some friendly advice, get in touch. I'm a CAA PfCO certified pilot with over 200 hours of flights logged and I'm always happy to help wherever I can.

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