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Building a brand: new logo

Branding is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. We know it's important, but what does it actually mean? Here's a few defiitions I found on t'interweb:

'A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers'.

'The art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company and vice-versa'.

'The essence of one’s own unique story'.

'A reason to choose'.

Without getting to philosophical, I think a brand is your business identity. It should show your personality and character, because that's what really sets you aside from your competition.

I recently decided to work with Leeds based artist Jonny Packham to create a new logo. I wanted a logo that's unique, shows imagination, creativity and looks cool. I really like Jonny's weird, eccentric style. It catches the eye and definately stands out from the 99% of logos downloaded from the internet these days.

Sometimes you have to be a bit weird to stand out from the crowd!

To see more of Jonny's work, visit his fb page:

What do you think is most important when building a successful brand? Comment below.

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